to do list

I forgot how much I like the website “43 Things.” I joined the site around this time for my Introduction to Social Media course. As part of a semester long project, we were asked to join social networking pages and provide feedback on our experiences. I joined MySpace for a day, and have never felt more socially awkward. I’m not quite sure how people make that one work, but even for a social experiement I couldn’t handle it. I found that 43 Things took something I have had for awhile, a list of things to do in life, and put it online in a sharing community. I enjoyed going back to my first list I made while in grammar school and seeing what I had checked off and what my goals were at that age. I feel like I am a goal-oriented person, but when it comes to a professional mindset. This site allows users to set goals for any facet of their lives. It is so easy to become busy with a hectic schedule; maybe taking the time to jot down a few goals will lead to some accomplishsments down the line.


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