What are your best traveling stories?

I must have a friendly and/or inviting demeanor.

During my excursion to California yesterday, every person that sat next to me on either the plane or in the airport struck up a conversation. A woman who just attended her 45-year high school reunion, a fellow recent grad moving to Colorado to escape his parent's house, a grandma who is a celebrity in the Banzai industry (teaches hundreds of people how to cut those trees), a Tulsa woman who just wanted to get her nails done during our delay, a lawyer who's been to Egypt, and a four year old who put the icing on the cake. He came up to me and said, "Gimme five. (I did) Up high. (I did) Down low…. but alas, I was "Too slow!!" 

I have friends who will put in their ipod, without music on, to avoid chatting it up with some strangers nearby. Do you do this? Any great stories from your travels?


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