Once a student, always a student

Post college, I have realized that I often look at parts of my life as a new course or a problem to solve. I hope this “school mentality” is a perspective I never lose because it means I will constantly push myself to learn (and to study like crazy when that learning does not come easily). My latest course involves all things social media. Like any project or paper before really beginning, I put in some research. I’ve read about the importance of creating a footprint online, of being involved in multiple platforms and of maintaining a personality behind the information I put out there. In my industry, you need to dive head first into the world of social media and come up for air only when necessary. There are several social media platforms that offer countless hints daily on how to become involved and maintain that involvement. I hope to utlize that information to expand my understanding of this “course.” I have Facebook. I have Twitter. And I’m working towards expanding my reach. Thing is, I’m not going to meet any goals unless I’m all in; here goes.


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