@Illinois_Alma Nice work Univ of Illinois – College of Media!

Mediapalooza Banner
In the latest e-newsletter from my college an upcoming event caught my attention. The nerd in me was interested based on the name, Mediapalooza 2010, but upon looking into the description I found this to be an excellent event for incoming freshman. The College of Media at the University of Illinois is hosting an open house for incoming freshman majors and high school seniors undecided on a school. Attendees will be able to meet the faculty as well as current students in the college while learning about the academic program and student organizations.
I believe this is a program to be taken advantage of by ALL incoming media students. I know I'm not alone when I say that the beginning of college was a tough transition. Leaving behind the safety net of family, friends, and a high school community I had come to know for four years was difficult. On a large campus, like Urbana-Champaign, it can be hard to navigate and find a niche. Events that create relations with potential mentors, like professors and upperclassmen, can improve a new student's experience ten-fold. That was my experience, and I hope this event will make many students feel the same.

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