@PCC_Chicago Looking forward to tonight’s event!

Maybe I've been out of school for too long (9 months may not sound long, but it definitely feels long) or maybe I'll just always be a nerd, but I am excited to get back into a classroom setting tonight. I am attending my first event through the Publicity Club of Chicago – their 2010 Education Series, "Kick It Up a Notch!" begins tonight. As a new PR pro, I know I have plenty to learn while in the office, but I've realized that a significant amount of information is gained through strictly on the job training. This is teaching me to pick up new tasks quickly and hold onto them moving forward. However, it'll be nice to get back into my comfort zone for a night and hear from a panel of media relations experts.
Looking forward to hearing from and hopefully meeting:
– Orly Telisman, The Field Museum
– Jay Foot, Saint Xavier University (especially since Xav's shares a campus with my high school!)
– Ron Childs, The Flowers Communications Group

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