Highlights of the Week

There are several clips that have caught my attention this week. Super Bowl commercials, a Pixar movie, a book and a mixtape round out my highlights of the week. (Also interested in testing out Posterous' capabilities with video / music for the first time, fingers crossed they all come through!)
Two Super Bowl ads won me over. I know the Google (Parisian Love) ad was a big favorite among many. The message is so simple as it takes you through a progressive time frame of online searches. I feel like if I actually took the time to keep track of my Google searches they would create an interesting story. Or be complete and utter randomness. (Most likely the latter.)
I heard people dislike the Doritos commercial in which the four year old slaps the adult as it is viewed as disrespectful. All I have to say is if I am ever a single mom, you better believe I want my son (or daughter) to have my back.
I'm a little late on this movie's popularity, but I finally saw the move, "Up." I would like to meet the writers of this movie – they are beyond smart. From the writing to the relatonships between characters they did not miss a beat. The fact that Mr. Fredrickson had tennis balls on his cane depicted some of my elderly relatives to a tee. And Russell had everything of a young boy, annoying at times, but really in the end, just looking for a friend. There were moments when I was laughing out loud, others when I was on the verge of tears and still others when I was honestly scared for the characters. Let me tell you, I have not experienced that many emotions in an animated movie.
Started reading "90 Minutes in Heaven" this week. I was first exposed to this book by someone who started believing in God after reading. I don't know if I'm in the market for a life-chaning read, but I feel that if it can have that effect on a person, it is going to touch me in some way. Look forward to seeing how.
A mixtape for your listening pleasure (wherever that mp3 lands in this post…). My best friend, Laura, has been interning at WGN Radio for the Garry Meier show for the last three months. Every Friday Garry invites listeners to share five of their favorite songs; Laura then turns them into a quick mix and Garry talks on air with the song choosers. Laura gets to make a her own mix as well and this week her theme is about finishing the internship and moving onto the next, great adventure.

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