New post: Clips of the Week (including @prsarahevans, @theburiedlife and @chicagotribune)

This week's "Clips of the Week" include meeting public relations and new media consultant @prsarahevans, tuning into @theburiedlife and catching up on some @chicagotribune columns.
I met Sarah Evans through a Publicity Club of Chicago event (@PCC_Chicago) covering the topic of "Strategizing with Social Media." PR work has become fully integrated with social media and is transforming the way we do business. Many things remain the same, but with adjustments along the way. For example, limited space and cutbacks in daily newspapers direct PR pros to the online counterpart as well as motivates us to think outside the box (as if we didn't do that already). We may not be able to secure handfuls of newspapers placements, but we can secure an online placement in the reach of a very targeted audience.
It was interesting to "put a person to the Twitter handle." Obviously, Sarah is more than her Twitter handle, but I was first introduced to her work, and her public realations and social media insights, through her tweets. Social media offers an invaluable resource for connecting and sharing, but having the opportunity to maintain in-person contact can only benefit relationships, both new and old. Note to self: look into Chicago tweet-ups to facilitate more great connections.
Publicity Club of Chicago Education Series by prsarahevans.
The Buried Life. As an avid list maker and all-around planner extraordinaire this show definitely caught my attention. I've kept a life "To Do List" for as long as I can remember with several items I have completed and plenty I have yet to conquer. I haven't pulled my journal (holding the list) out in awhile, but found that I have accomplished a handful of items on my list, including:
– Donate my hair to Locks of Love (again) … In fact, prepping for my third donation.
– Go to college … I like how the younger version of me wanted to ensure I met this goal.
– Travel … Australia, check. Hoping for a pending trip to Italy to pan out as well. 
A few still "to do"
– Be one of the dancing silhouettes in an ipod advertisement … The people that dance while walking and listening to their ipod any day of the week – THAT IS ME!
– Overcome my fear of skiing … Hitting a tree while sledding at a young age will put a damper on all winter sporting activities.
– Make a documentary … This item intrigued me because I am unsure what prompted it, but if it's on the list it's gotta be completed.
What's interesting about the whole idea of setting a goal and accomplishing it has moved past a simple list in a journal – you can join a community! On 43 Things, you become part of a group where you share your list, learn from others' accomplishments and cheer each other on in the process. I have neglected my page, but will be monitoring my "to do's" much better now. 
I look forward to catching more episodes of The Buried Life and sharing other insights. Take a look at the show's trailer. This week's goal? Play basketball with President Obama, wonder who will win.
The last clip is a piece in the Chicago Tribune that caught my attention. Tamara Kerrill Field discusses the opportunity social media has offered her in connecting with family. Who knew Facebook could serve as a stepping stone to connect individuals with a birth parent? I didn't come across this article online, but rather sought it out to share in my post. I prefer to read the paper in a hard copy (and am interested to know if others participate in this process of reading/searching as well) but that's a topic to cover for another day.

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