New post: @JessicaKnows asked for a description of your life in 5 lines or less, can you do it? Here’s mine : )

As per usual, I came across a unique blog post from the that little invention they call Twitter and I had to follow up. @JessicaKnows shared a story and offered the following challenge:

I love Facebook for a lot of reasons.  One though, is catching up with people I have seen in ages…over fifteen years for a lot of high school friends.

Just this week one high school friend and I reconnected on Facebook and he wrote on my wall:

Nice to see your face. So, catch me up to your life in Five lines or less. Can you do it?

For a split second I thought there was no way.  But then it immediately came to me.  Answer with blog posts!

So here's what I wrote back:

Married my prince charming
have the most amazing 4 year old boy
love love love my job
but still the goofball I always was
and i'm always trying to stay grounded 

Did I kind of cheat?  Yes.  But still…five lines or less.

So, now I challenge you to tell us what you're all about in five lines or less.  Can YOU do it?


I certainly don't have enough blog posts to 


Wait a minute, turns out I may have a few posts up my sleeve. When I originally sat down to contemplate the five lines of my life I doubted I could have any relevant posts to include. (You see I started my Posterous as a way for my family to know I was alive while travelling in Australia so I didn't foresee "Made it to Sydney!" and "Can't wait for free internet" contributing to my life as a whole. Fun parts of the process, no less, but not significant enough when I only get 5.) I'll admit the information I post here may not be groundbreaking. And I'm okay with that. It's giving me the opportunity to learn and connect, and I think those two ideas could just be groundbreaking enough. So without further ado, my life in five lines:

Lover of all things dance and live music
Always keeping up with family and friends
Firm believer in the all-girl high school education
Looking forward to creating blog posts for my missing three. Your turn – can you sum up your life in five lines or less?

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