New post: Making connections thru #sm / take advantage of events like #chatmixer!

In light of a blog post from PR at Sunrise I came across today I wanted to share some thoughts. PR pro, Andrew Worob (@Worob), provided a list of "10 Communications Professionals Who Deserve More Twitter Followers." As a consistent supporter of the underdog, and always interested in expanding my network on Twitter and in general, I looked into these 10 and began following them. In no time at all, 8 out of 10 were following me right back (plus @Worob) with personalized messages from a few as well! The power of social media is continuing to surprise me with the opportunity it offers for networking. I enjoy being able to meet up with colleagues from past internships, professors and fellow alumni and do offer a pretty solid handshake for those networking events and first meetings. On quite the contrary, I am beginning to see the connections I maintain from the past don't need to dictate the future of my network (it's always important to keep up, nonetheless, but not the deciding factor). I can create relationships through communication on Twitter and by following bloggers that offer a chance to learn and think outside the "traditional networking box."
I have experienced this through my participation in #pr20chat with @prtini and @JGoldsborough. Even with a boatload of followers, chat planning and not to mention client work, Heather and Justin have made time to specifically answer questions. I've seen this by following the #pr20chat hastag throughout the week seeing how engaged both moderators are with the group as well as with questions of my own. I've only just broken into the world of Twitter chats, and have fully realized there is much to learn.
#chatmixer, the Mecca of all Twitter chats, (covering PR, social media, marketing and blogging) is taking place Tuesday at 8pm ET thanks to @prtini, @JGoldsborough and @ValerieSimon. I am extremely bummed I will not be able to chime in, but I definitely wanted to call out the chat's significance. This chat will bring together over a dozen industry chats providing those involved a chance to share insights and connect with fellow communicating colleagues. My first Twitter chat was somewhat overwhelming, with the constant stream of comments, and I admit I was initially doubtful of how the chats could lead to connections. My doubt quickly vanished as I jumped in with comments and questions – leading to an increase in my followers (and the people I followed), unearthing new blogs to read and gaining excellent insight into PR-related inquiries.
That's it for now… looking forward to catching the tweets from tomorrow's event and the future opportunities social media throws my way : )

2 thoughts on “New post: Making connections thru #sm / take advantage of events like #chatmixer!

  1. Ksenia – Safe travels, hope we can share insights from the recaps.Valerie – I agree with you and am looking forward to those chances to mix, thanks for stopping by.– Hope our paths cross one day! *Update: @KDMisevich brought me up to 9 out of 10 of the list as followers!

  2. Andrew – Of course! I am very glad I stumbled onto your blog and look forward to future posts.Jason – Likewise. I appreciate you taking an interest in my blog – that means the pressure is on ; ) I welcome the challenge!

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