New Post: @briansolis, @JasMollica & #BeMyGuest know what’s up – paying it forward

"Never forget to pay it forward, it’s how you got here and it defines where you’re going."
The closing line of Brian Solis's post last week, "There's an I in Twitter and a ME in Social Media," caught my attention and got me thinking on the act of paying it forward. That point was reaffirmed in Jason Mollica's #BeMyGuest post through @biggreenpen's blog, "Are We Doing Enough for Each Other?" #BeMyGuest is offering individuals the chance to connect with new audiences and gain exposure in an area where they may not be regular bloggers.
I believe the field of public relations is rooted in paying it forward. We constantly hear that PR is all about the relationships we make. The stronger the bond, the increased opportunity to communicate. I, for one, couldn't be happier this is such a fundamental aspect of what I do. Jason Mollica (@JasMollica) allowed me to experience the art of paying it forward. Soon after following him on Twitter he sent me a message offering himself as a resource; an outlet I will definitely take advantage of as I look to expand and improve my blog. I truly appreciate when fellow PR pros comment on my posts and share tweets, messages and general insights. At this stage of my career, I can absorb so much from the people who have been in my shoes not too long ago.
And I may only be just a few steps ahead, but I enjoy being a resource to students from my college and high school who reach out to me with questions and requests. (I will say calling them students feels strange, as I still consider myself one!) I know I can share insights into how I made it to this point from my courses, internships and recent entry into the PR world. With busy schedules and days that can feel like complete chaos, it's easy to forget the importance of helping others along. Everyone can use a reminder here and there. So, how will you pay it forward?

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