[New Post]: Thanks to @ChristaMarzan & @BrazenCareerist for inspiring this post

I came across an excellent post from @ChristaMarzan on @BrazenCareerist first thing this morning and have been anxious to write down my thoughts ever since. Her post, titled “All I Needed to Learn I Learned in Kindergarten” couldn’t be more true. Christa shares the poem by Robert Fulghum that highlights life’s most important lessons (ones that are learned in conjunction with the ABC’s). [Also made the jump tonight into the Brazen Careerist community, excited to see where it takes me.]

As the daughter of a kindergarten teacher I see this firsthand. During her 30 year career my mom has taught hundreds of students. She’s taught kindergartners, and then years later, she’s taught their children. “Mrs. Kathy” has become an institution at her school and I know she plays a huge role in those children’s lives at such a significant point in their development. Sure she teaches them to flush and wash their hands (both necessary life lessons), but more importantly she teaches them to be aware of the wonder and to say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody (two lessons you can’t get very far in life without learning). She is helping to mold how those children think and react and look at the world, quite a challenging (and rewarding) task when you take the time think about it. My mom is a perpetual teacher in all that she does, something I am grateful to have in my life. She has always been the go-to person to answer any question and I credit my “teacher” for fostering my constant desire to learn. However, as I become more involved with public relations and social media (two areas not directly related to her work), I can’t help but feel it’s separating us in some ways. I’m excited for the chance to share this post with her as a definite connection between our evolving lives.
And now onto the “game” put forth by Christa (which line of the poem can we embrace as adults?) … I chose the following line: And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned – the biggest word of all – LOOK. A four letter word that can lead to so. much. more. We often get completely wrapped up in projects and deadlines and the lack of time that we forget to stop, and take it all in. In any difficult situation, we can learn a great deal from simply looking at the problem at hand. I know I have gained a lot by taking the time to look. Look to me means much more than seeing; it means thinking, questioning and ultimately answering for myself. A four letter word turns into an entire process, wonder if Dick and Jane felt the same…

My kindergarten self on the left with my sister, and yes, her troll.

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