Why Yesterday was the BEST Day Ever – thx to @cochranshow @WGN_Radio @kylewelter for contributing!

With the office closed I took full opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather in Chicago and catch up with a handful of pals downtown. Since I'm working in the 'burbs it's hard to visit with as many people in the city as I'd like so with just one day I had to pack in quite a lot. I started my morning with the person who is the reason I got into public relations. He was my supervisor during my fundraising internship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, truly motivated me to pursue PR as a career and a person I consider a mentor. We shared updates on our work and personal lives and he reminded me all over again why PR is my perfect fit. I often think, what if I hadn't interned at Make-A-Wish that summer – would I still have found my way to PR?
Next I caught up with a fellow Illini who currently works for Young & Rubicam. When we stopped at Millennium Park it made me feel like we were back in Champaign, but instead of the University of Illinois Quad we were able to enjoy what I have deemed the "grown-up's Quad" (If you haven't been to my blog before, note this is an example of me being in the real world, but always looking at it through the eyes of a student.) It gets better. As I was walking down Michigan Avenue one of the girls from my college dance team was yelling my name out of her car windown, this city gets smaller and smaller every day.
The remainder of my day was spent at WGN Radio chatting with people across the entire spectrum of the station: promotions, production, on-air and sales. It was exciting to share my updates with the people who knew me as a college intern, then a post-college intern and now into my full-time position. My day ended with a quick chat on-air with one of WGN's finest, Steve Cochran (the clip shared). My internship at WGN Radio was an incredible experience (one that deserves a full post of details) and I am grateful I have been able to keep in touch so well.
I find it extremely important to consistently keep up with the people who have helped me get to where I am today. That's what I did on my day off, and it was amazing. Tell me, how do you enjoy yours?

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