[New post]: Who has provided a stepping stone for you? #PR #pr20chat

With the rain pouring down this morning, I was trying to devise a way to walk across my puddle of a driveway to make it to my car. As I ate my Cheerios my dad moved from the garage carrying what looked to be bricks and headed outside. I soon realized what he was doing – my dad created a path of bricks so that I could cross the driveway and keep my feet dry. This got me thinking, who has laid a stepping stone for you? In this example, my dad literally provided me a stepping stone, but there has been plenty of instances when I felt his encouragement through advice, his motivating work ethic or simply being there as a support system.
Who has created stepping stones for you – a family member, friend, supervisor, colleague or professor? These small examples have a much larger effect – I know I will not soon forget the time my dad took to head out in the rain to ensure my day began on a positive note. If someone has a laid a stepping stone for you, I hope you'll do the same in return.

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