[New Post] My teacher played a part in my #pr path (before either of us knew it)!

I'm talking a teacher from way back when – let's look to grammar school. Mr. Dressel was the type of teacher you don't soon forget. He taught Social Studies for 6th – 8th graders and more than teaching a class subject, he taught me how to think. Mr. Dressel created a game called "Current Events," which as the name dictates tested our knowledge of what was going on in the world (outside the bubble of grammar school). Some questions were obvious while others left us all at a loss. Some weeks he'd tell us the game was coming, and we'd have time to prepare while others were surprise games. The surprise rounds taught me that you can never prepare when it comes to learning. It must be an ongoing process in which you are consistently participating. I am immersed in this process as a PR professional. We must be constantly aware of general current events as well as news related to our clients / competitors. Ever since the rounds of "Current Events" when gathering my news from reading the newspaper to watching news to catching stories online, I realized that I consistently question myself just as Mr. Dressel did during the game. It's as if I I'm always preparing for the next round of "Current Events." It means that, prepared or not, I can take on any surprise rounds that arise. And I like the feeling of being on top of the game.
I've lost touch with Mr. Dressel, but lately have realized this is a teacher with whom I need to reconnect. If anything, to say thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to ask the questions and to consistently be on the lookout for new information. A recent blog post by @lmnovo was the final kick I needed to do so. Her bucket list included getting in touch with her 4th grade teacher; a teacher who believed she would be writer. Little did our teachers know we'd be sharing thoughts about them years down the line. I think it's time to say thanks – any teachers of yours who deserve a similar message?

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