[NEW POST]: My First Tweetup! cc @SJOgborn @brittenwolf & @LMSandelin @lttsnyder

Did you know Sam Ogborn (@SJOgborn) found her job through a Google search?
Did you know Britten Wolf (@brittenwolf) is the oldest of 7 siblings?
Neither did I… before my first tweetup on Saturday. I've shared tweets with and Sam and taken away sound insights/advice from her site: samanthaogborn.com. And it was Sam who introduced me to Britten Wolf. (I thought it was an alias, turns out it's a family name.) We missed Lauren Sandelin (@LMSandelin) and Lauren Snyder (@lttsnyder) – we will need to plan again soon!
I've written a lot lately about wanting to take my online connections offline. And my first tweetup is total confirmation of how awesome it is (to put it quite simply). I'm all about meeting new people and when you throw in similar interests (PR, social media, blogging, etc.) – only great things, and relationships, can be formed. Sam, Britten and I had so much to discuss in a short amount of time – but warranted more conversation than the 140 characters Twitter allows. I am definitely looking forward to getting to know them better – who is in for the next Chicago tweetup?

2 thoughts on “[NEW POST]: My First Tweetup! cc @SJOgborn @brittenwolf & @LMSandelin @lttsnyder

  1. I’m still sulking about missing out on this one. Hopefully next time I’ll be power outage free (i.e. no hurricane force winds) – in which case, count me in folks!

  2. To the Lauren’s — we are definitely getting together soon! And not even severe and hazardous weather will get in the way ; )

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