Am I a nerd for taking a screen shot of this?

If the answer is yes, I am 100% okay with that. Hitting 1,000 tweets was a mini milestone for me. This pales in comparison to many of the people I follow on Twitter, but what I've come to realize is this: it's not a competition and more importantly, it's not a race. To individuals not familiar with Twitter, my updates have not been my daily meal choices. Sure, there are some personalized tweets, when relevant, but a lot has been sharing articles/blog posts and connecting with other PR pros. It's a constant learning experience where at this point I admit I'm still understanding my role in the process. Serving as a resource is something I am continuously working on and I'm always taking in ways to improve.
On a related note of being a nerd, I was actually called one in an email last week. I was told "only nerds use 'blogging' as a verb." Was that supposed to bother me? I have yet to respond to that email, any suggestions?

One thought on “Am I a nerd for taking a screen shot of this?

  1. Alicia – thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad we’re on the same page for screen shots and Twitter. Your blog content looks great, I’m looking forward to following your insights!

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