After a hectic day, it’s the little things that make all the difference. #u30pro #entrypr

After a hectic day (and before stressing begins for the next), here's a reminder to enjoy the little things. Because, really, they make all the difference. My "little things" today are homemade blizzards and Scrabble with my dad. A perfect evening for me, further justified from the scare my dad gave us a few weeks ago. When events like this happen, you talk, hug and look a little longer at the people you love. These reminders are important, but I don't recommend waiting for them to happen. Carpe diem, friends.

How do you handle the hectic days? The days when you tweet for a client, but not for yourself. When your to do list has a to do list. When you forget where you parked as you leave the office. (Guilty to all of the above…) Hectic days are inevitable, but can be handled in a few easy ways. For example, walking away from the computer can give your brain a much needed break. Visit a coworker, step outside for some fresh air or put in a quick call to your mom, best friend or Great Aunt Helen. Whatever allows you to take a few steps back can go truly go a long way.

Check out the photos of my delish dessert. There may or may not be some product placement; you'd think I worked for Hershey's or something ; ) Let me know if you want any advice on "cooking" up a batch of homemade blizzards. [Disclaimer: that's about 1 out of 4 items in the @StephanieFlo cookbook – always open to learning more!]



2 thoughts on “After a hectic day, it’s the little things that make all the difference. #u30pro #entrypr

  1. Thank you Jason! (overdue ; ) Reboot is the perfect word to use in this situation. And I’m telling you, blizzards are the way to go!

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