Enjoyed last night’s @ChicagoNow tweetup!

I attended my first ChicagoNow tweetup with my good pal, Jen Noncek. It was interesting to meet bloggers from the community and also connect with people I have only followed on Twitter in the past, like @foiledcupcakes. I love how easy events like this make it for me to continue my quest to take online conversations offline. Kudos to Tracy Schmidt for starting ChicagoNow and taking it a step further allowing bloggers and readers to meet.

Great meeting you: @TreoBenny @sethsmole @AmyLeafDesign @claire_h_g – and I look forward to connecting further!

And on the way home I stopped along the bridge on Wells to embrace the true tourist in me. (For a girl that works in the burbs, I take advantage of the city whenever I can.)



3 thoughts on “Enjoyed last night’s @ChicagoNow tweetup!

  1. Whoops! Had to delete the previous comment cause it got truncated. Seems like I stumbled on some HTML code as I tried to say: "I ❤ posterous." (I musta closed the tag by accident somehow.) Anyway, thanks for the mention and keep up the good work. P.S. I mentioned you in a convo later in the night about how I love meetups and people having "the conversation within the conversation" using their eyes and facial expressions. (You sent me a little signal about a person behind you.) 😉

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