@briansolis said #pr pros should promote the $#*& out of this

I attended Brian Solis' talk at the Harpo store in Chicago yesterday. When asked what are three skills PR pros should master, Brian highlighted these:

Become an influencer – Brian discussed the need to invest in your social graph. He mentioned some companies are even reviewing Twitter following and clout score during the interview process. (Has anyone heard of this? Interested to delve deeper into this topic.)

Promote content – Demonstrate that you are an expert in the industry and share what you find. Brian stated he is a firm believer in paying it forward. When people share information with him, as long as it is relevant and engaging, he will pass it along. (It's great to hear someone as recognized and influential as Brian Solis still makes time for others working to leave their mark on the industry.)

Know SEO and SMO – and promote it. In fact, Brian said to promote the $#*& out SEO and SMO. (If you didn't already know, now you do. And I'm sure the colorful delivery will keep it top of mind for all PR pros.)



2 thoughts on “@briansolis said #pr pros should promote the $#*& out of this

  1. I’m happy to share! You are true to your words, Brian. I really appreciate you checking in.

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