You’d think I were becoming an adult or something

New apartment, new car, my first friend wedding – where did all this come from? I suppose it comes with the territory, but it is feeling like a whole lotta life (especially when I still consider myself a kid).

It's all very exciting, but also opening my eyes to some realizations about growing up. The responses to my pending financial situation have been great thus far. The best one came from one of my supervisors as she told me "being poor builds character." I think of myself as a classy gal who may enjoy the finer things in life, but doesn't require them. Moving out on my own will be a definite learning experience and one that I am ready to take. So what if I can't do everything – in my 20s I'm not supposed to. It's a time for me to figure out what I can do and get creative with all the things I can't. (I feel a blog series coming on… 20 something making 20 some mistakes, 20 something living on 20 some dollars, you get the idea ; )

My favorite picture from my friend Beth's wedding was one I took during the ceremony. As I snapped away, what really caught my attention was the moment when I looked at the bride and groom's hands. I could feel the support they were giving one another. The picture feels iconic in a way. You see the white gown, tux and hands clasped and you immediately recognize you don't need to see their faces to know exactly how they look.

The thought of becoming an adult has always sounded so far off, turns out I'm closer than I've ever realized. Here's to the many life lessons in the very near future.



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