Just being a tourist in my own city, sweet home #Chicago

I've lived in Chicago for 23 years, but strangely, have a small number of pictures to show for it. Whenever I've traveled, I've taken hundreds of pictures. The idea is I need to capture this experience because what if I never return? Or don't visit again for a long period of time? I feel like I've been taking my sweet home Chicago for granted. It really is a spectacular city and I'm finally getting around to taking those pictures. During my last couple of trips to the city I've stopped to enjoy the views and snap a few photos. And with my upcoming move, I'm sure my Chicago photo collection will be quite large in no time.
Can you relate? Do you stop to enjoy the sights you take in everyday? Have you ever considered you may not be in the same place a year or ever a few months from now? I don't know where the next few years will take me so I'm making sure to enjoy the experience and capture as much as possible.
In these photos I covered Tribune Tower, the John Hancock building, Trump Tower and the Bean at Millennium Park. I took the last picture on my way to work one morning. People who live in Chicago know you can see the skyline from so many places. This one was taken close to Midway Airport.



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