Reason #864586 I’m becoming a grown up… I bought a new car!


Yes, I am the proud owner of a 2010 Hyundai Elantra in regatta blue that actually sparkles in the sun (not a requirement in my car selection process, but a definite plus). When I started looking for a car, I never thought I'd end up purchasing a NEW one. I think I was still in the mentality of driving the high school beater (it builds character, doesn't it?) or driving Mom and Dad's car on loan. A used car was in the cards for sure, but after all the numbers were crunched a new one was simply more practical. Chalk this up as another item on the list confirming I'm actually becoming an adult. (A positive component to that whole growing up thing might I add.)

And the XM Radio that is free for 3 months? Win! With presets that include jam bands, music through the decades, Grateful Dead, Elvis, Broadway musicals and bluegrass… I am literally on music overload and loving it!

Now accepting car names for my new babe. Creativity counts here, kids.


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