Way to go University of Illinois! cc @Illinois_Alma @chicagotribune

I read the following article in this morning's Tribune and wanted to share the link and few quotes as highlights. Reading about the strides my alma mater is taking was a perfect way to begin my day.
"It is a remarkable statement about the commitment of this campus to ensure that those who are most marginalized in their access, if they have the desire and the capacity and the willingness to pursue a degree … Illinois is committed to making that a reality," said Brad Hedrick, director of the university's disability services.
The family then sat down to eat. After focusing all morning on arranging Kelsey's books, clothes, makeup and posters in her room, Mary unexpectedly became overwhelmed with emotion as she looked to her daughter. "I promised I wouldn't do it," she said, putting a napkin up to her nose and mouth and looking away to stifle the tears. "Don't make me cry," Kelsey said. Her mom couldn't help it and turned back to Kelsey. "This is what I always dreamed of, for you to one day go to college. I am so proud of you."

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