I wanted to be an airplane when I grew up. Dream big, right?

First Woman President
Yesterday's No Experience Necessary to Land Your Fantasy Job by Barbara Brotman of the Chicago Tribune asked, What would you like to be when you grow up?
The list above includes my dream jobs as a child. Airplane may be the most dream-like, but I was 3. I would run around my brother's baseball games, arms outstetched, telling everyone who would listen that I wanted to be an airplane whenI grew up. No one seemed to find it strange (or I was too focused slash in my own world to recognize the skepticism). I appreciate the sheer creativity in my early days and can see how it relates to today. What if no one questioned your aspirations? (pending all things positive, of course) You would contribute openly and speak you mind. Overall, a liberating experience.
So what is your dream job? I said airplane so no answer can be too outrageous. Even better, what was your 3 year old (or other young age) dream job? If this dream job is within reach, what are you waiting for?

One thought on “I wanted to be an airplane when I grew up. Dream big, right?

  1. Considering our aspirations maybe there’s a correlation between PR and flying? ; ) Glad I could take you back to 3 year old Jason for a few moments!

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