Did you do your HW this week? #PRStudChat

Last week I had the opportunity to guest blog for Jason Mollica where I shared insights I drew from working a wedding. Throughout the evening I was surprised by the number of life lessons I found and felt compelled to forward them along as tips to others. My favorite one came from the maid of honor speech:
Tell people how you feel – I watched as my friend Emily gave her maid of honor speech for her sister. Emily had the guests laughing out loud as she talked about their childhood and brought the room to tears when she discussed the woman her sister has become. Here’s the takeaway: you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to tell someone how you feel. People thrive from hearing positive affirmations and cherish the good things you have to share. This week pick up the phone, send an email or meet for coffee with someone you appreciate, and make sure they know it.
The comments and feedback I received on the post and on Twitter were in agreement with this lesson – the time is always now. So, did you reach out to anyone to show your appreciation? If not what are you waiting for? And for the busy ones out there, here's your reminder to set aside a few moments to connect with the important people in your life. You could make someone's day… and you might even make your own.

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