[New Post]: Happy Anniversary… to me?! #entrypr #u30pro #PRStudChat


The past year has been the fastest one of my life, and it’s also been my first full one in the PR industry. As I’ve mentioned, I started this blog while traveling to Australia in between my internship and beginning my position as an Assistant Account Executive. I will always view the experience as my “in between phase” – before entering this thing called the real world.


When I’ve joined Twitter chats or blogged for the Publicity Club of Chicago, I’ve attached the title “new PR pro.” I ask, when does the title “new” lose its meaning? Or does it ever? I’m constantly learning something new from PR, which leads me to think the “newness” will never fade. Things are always changing, which challenges me to adapt, and it’s safe to say that’ll be the standard from here on out. I know I’ve got a long way to go – there can always be room for improvement. My ultimate goal is to excel as a professional, but take time to reflect on and connect with the experiences. What can be gained when I’m only going through the daily motions? From one campaign to the next – I've found myself working on program recaps when I feel as though the brainstorm was only yesterday. I believe it’s within those reflections I can obtain the best lessons. And meeting and learning from my peers and mentors along the way must forever be a given for me.


At the time I started these posts, I wasn’t sure what lay ahead for me… I may still be questioning that. However, one line of my offer letter was very telling of the good thing I was in for. My boss, Jonni, said my employment with the agency would begin “upon returning from my Australian adventure.” This mentality calmed any reservations about my next steps and opened my eyes to look at it as jumping from one adventure right into the next.


Well, here’s to the ride.  


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