I want to be a part of @the3six5

I am admittedly a blogger-in-training. I started my personal blog as a way to provide my family with updates while I traveled in Australia. Upon moving from PR intern to full-time pro I realized the stellar outlet provided to me by a blog. From opportunities in networking to improving my writing skills I can constantly challenge myself to have new ideas and connect with others. Blogging is also a chance to reflect on all my experiences because it’s during these times where I have grown the most.


I was invited to guest blog for the Publicity Club of Chicago based on my personal blog and conversations I had with members of the organization. For both blogs I share insights as a young PR pro and making my way through the industry. On my Posterous account specifically, I explain how I may have entered this thing called the “real world,” but I look at it through the eyes of a student. With this mentality I am proud to say that I’m always in it to learn.


This project has brought together countless unique, open and online savvy people – I’m consistently finding new people to follow and learning from their stories. However, I have one observation about the experience level of the participants. I believe the3six5 can serve as a tool for students in branding themselves online and developing professional contacts. Think of the photos that could come from a college student. There are students traveling the world while abroad for a semester and interning at all sorts of places. And who doesn’t get nostalgic when seeing a picture of their campus Quad or packed football stadium? I am interested in reaching out to individuals of all ages, but recognize the visibility this project could serve in paying it forward to many. I’ve had the pleasure of talking PR with current students answering questions and acting as a resource. I know their passion and enthusiasm. We were, after all, in their shoes not along ago.


P.S. I’d like to be an editor during September, April or May.


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