This week’s #FF is @swonderlin

How Stephanie Wonderlin and I actually connected is blurred because of our hectic schedules, which kept us from finding time to talk. I do know Sam Ogborn, who has only met both of us in person once, believed we'd hit it off. Well, she was right.
During our conversation, Stephanie and I spoke candidly about social media and the real world. We shared personal stories and I found myself asking, is this really the first time we've talked on the phone? The conversation was that natural. I admire Stephanie's dedication to her family. She brought up her mom a few times and spoke highly of hubby. Having moved across the country I can tell she is motivated to maintain her relationships regardless of her location. Stephanie assured me that everything is not going to be "sparkles and unicorns," but that the situations will work themselves out for the best. She promoted to me the importance of my blog and the opportunity it offers to tell my story.
My favorite line of the conversation? When we confirmed we both follow "the Stephanie style." If you need an explanation on that, you obviously haven't connected with us yet. Well, what are you waiting for?

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