[Don’t Miss Monday]: Looking forward to my chat with @jenny_blake

If you have time to take a lunch today, or even if you don't, take the 28 minutes to watch this interview with Jenny Blake. If you're not following Jenny on Twitter or reading her blog, Life After College, check into these now. I'll wait… go on.
Back? Great, let's get on with it. I've had the great fortune to chat with Jenny after simply connecting through Twitter. Not only is Jenny putting her first book out this coming spring, she works for Google and is a yoga guru, but the best part? She makes time for everyone. Regardless of her hectic schedule she is open to connecting with her blog readers and Twitter followers. Within moments of our first conversation I felt like we were old friends. I appreciate Jenny's insight into managing time and meeting expectations. 
Here are a few highlights from the interview: 
– When asked how she feels about vulnerability and putting out life stories for all to read, Jenny explains it's all in service of her readers.
– Confidence is always a hot topic in both work and personal life. Jenny says she may not be 100% confident, but that she is "confident in the process." I like this idea because it makes accomplishing a huge goal realistic. You can, in fact, do the impossible.
– I live by my to do list. This interview shared the reminder that the lists will always be there. Simply, get done what we can and plan ahead for the rest.

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