Follow Friday … Jackie Cole

Jackie Cole has been interning at our agency for the last few months and has carved out quite the beginning to a PR career. How many interns can boast a Washington Post placement and solid blogger relations right away? In addition to securing placements in print and online (like it's going out of style), Jackie can be found sharing her insights on her blog, "aspiring in the real world." From sharing the music of the week to handling stress in the workplace you can find a variety of relevant and fun topics being discussed here. 
Apart from rocking the workplace, Jackie is an all-around pal. When we go out to lunch, this one lets me take home the leftovers as a poor twenty-something (as she explains, her current roommates, Mom and Dad, have her back). And when I unexpectedly spent msot of the week at my parents' house, running out of clothes for work, Jackie literally gave me the sweater off her back for today.
Now this is the girl you want on your side. Get to know her as @JM_Cole and at

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