Park City Preview #Sundance

I am like a child waiting for her first trip to Disney World. I have literally had difficulty sleeping this week in anticipation for SUNDANCE! So far, we have plans for three films and I'll even be testing out my skiing skills (wish me luck). More to come!

The Lie:
Once an idealistic young man with artistic aspirations, Lonnie is stuck and doesn’t quite know it. Working at an unfulfilling job, he longs to realize his lifelong dream of becoming a musician. When his wife, Clover, is presented with a career opportunity that could provide them with the stability she craves (but one that goes against their beliefs), Lonnie cannot muster the resolve to endure another day at work, so he tells a lie—a life-altering lie that he cannot take back.
The Lie takes us on a journey of self-discovery as it astutely examines what it means to be an adult, and the steps we all take to get there . . . eventually.

What would happen if you gathered 100 anonymous people and asked them to help you make a movie about a subculture of directionless drifters and dreamers in your hometown? If you were as inventive as Richard Linklater, the result would be Slacker.

Attenberg embraces the abstract and theatrical in choreographed interludes and wild-animal pantomimes, but provides an essential emotional point of access in the profound father-daughter bond. An unconventional coming-of-age film, Attenberg is the story of a girl-woman who comes to terms with sex and death as natural parts of life


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