#FF to First Impressions

I firmly believe in the power of first impressions. Make a memorable one and the rest is a piece of cake. I’ve said before that one of the best compliments to receive is on a good handshake. The conversation you share in a first meeting says a lot about you – it showcases how you present yourself and highlights what you find important in life.


Reflecting on this topic brought to my attention three individuals I’ve met through Twitter – three who have (without a doubt) given stellar first impressions. They’re all top pros to follow and I’m grateful to have made the connections.


Jason Mollica – I can remember Jason reaching out via DM right after we first connected on Twitter. He offered himself as a resource to me and said to get in touch. From a short message I could tell that Jason is a truly genuine person – we’ve been sharing blog posts and conversation ever since. As a leader in the charge to pay it forward, I find myself following in Jason’s footsteps by sharing DMs with students who begin following me, hoping to be that same resource.


Gini Dietrich – As I’ve shared in my blog intro I’m interested in taking my online connections offline. When I voiced that via Twitter, Gini asked when she could expect me in her office. I was surprised and humbled that someone as influential (and busy) as Gini was willing to take time out for me. I’ve enjoyed following all the great content on Spin Sucks and here’s the reminder that we need to get that meeting on the calendar and this time we won’t let scheduling get in the way.


Sam Ogborn – Sam was the organizer behind my first tweetup. When I went in to shake her hand, she said please, “we’re gonna hug.” I knew immediately we were off to a good start and I am so appreciative of how welcoming Sam is. It’s hard to believe we’ve only met in person once before, I feel like we see each regularly and can easily pick up from where we last left off.


What qualities constitute a good first impression for you? How can you improve your real life and social media first impressions?


One thought on “#FF to First Impressions

  1. You were a natural inclusion, Gini! I appreciate you chiming in and since there’s 3 of us in Chicago, I think majority rules when in comes to Jason!

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