PR is a lot like dance

As a dancer growing up you can now find me busting a move in the office, around the apartment and on the town. However, I greatly miss the structure and learning aspect of a dance class so I try taking class as much as possible. I find the challenge of dance so rewarding. If I’m stressed about work or my personal life, the worries fly out the window when I get into the studio – all my focus goes into learning the choreography… which is such a freeing experience.


After Thursday’s hip hop class at Lou Conte Dance Studio (while I tried to remember the routine) I realized PR is a lot like dance. From the interactions between teacher-student and supervisor-young pro to working towards perfection, it’s understandable why I’m so passionate about these parts of my life.


Hone your skills – How do you secure more placements for your clients? Brainstorm stronger angles, make more phone calls and improve your follow-up. As with dance, consistency can only help your progress. My schedule rarely allows time for class, which is something I am determined to change.  


You get called out – In PR you definitely learn from the mistakes you make (and trust me, they’re inevitable). Regardless of how the feedback is presented, you are trained not to make the same mistake twice. Dance professionals want to ensure their choreography is understood by all students. If they see you’re not picking it up they’ll take the time to review the steps one-on-one. On the positive end of the spectrum, PR pros are applauded for great placements and internal promotions. Similarly, at the end of many dance classes, the teacher selects dancers who “got it” to showcase their craft.


Throw yourself in – At the end of my hip hop class, the teacher always splits the group and directs half to sit at the mirror while the rest perform the routine. This provides an opportunity for students to enjoy watching and learning from one another. It marks the point in class where you’ve practiced enough – it’s time to just let yourself go and perform. With PR, professionals thrive by making connections, reading blogs and contributing their opinions. You can’t succeed by dipping your toe in; you need to cannonball into public relations to reap the benefits provided by this profession.


Any other dancers out there? Even if it’s only at weddings or after a few cocktails? Let me know if you see additional connections between PR and dance. And check out my challenge for you when we see each other next… don’t forget your dancing shoes.


One thought on “PR is a lot like dance

  1. Thank you so much! I was just explaining to my big brother the power of social media (and specifically Facebook), which allows my kindergarten teacher to check in years later. I appreciate you proving my point yet again : )

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