The Story of Happiness

My friend is currently a semifinalist for a YouTube filmmaking program to further develop The Story of Happiness documentary project in South Africa. The top 100 voted videos will move onto the final round – after signing in on YouTube, you can vote daily (with a thumbs up) until Friday! The video highlights a community matriarch and her dream to empower women through knowledge and collaboration.


Here’s background from The Story of Happiness blog:

The Story of Happiness was initiated in the spring of 2010 through EVOKE, a World Bank Institute program which sought to promote social innovation by awarding individual and collaborative enterprises opportunities to grow. After a ten week course involving over 8,000 participants exploring global issues, proposals were submitted for projects exploring creative solutions, and 25 were selected for development starting with a fundraising challenge during the month of August on the donation site GlobalGiving. The Story of Happiness was one of these 25.


One thought on “The Story of Happiness

  1. I’m happy to share the details for such a worthwhile project, Paul. I look forward to learning more!

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