Will marketing follow on-the-go consumers?

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I saw this car driving around town and it got me thinking: with consumers constantly on-the-go is this type of marketing the optimal tactic?

Even a busy person cannot avoid an advertisement directly in front of their face. Are consumers more likely to react to a direct message presented in their everyday routine? And is the Arthur Murray Dance Studio succeeding in reaching potential dancers who have not considered this particular studio or taking classes in general?

I believe any type of promotion is good promotion when it comes to activities like dance classes. Let’s face it; Chicago traffic can often get the best of drivers by only adding stress to their day. Providing drivers with a positive message amidst the negativity of the traffic-filled commute can leave a lasting impression on the consumer. Whether this means signing up for class personally, highlighting the opportunity to a friend or discussing the topic via social media, the outcome is mutually beneficial for Arthur Murray and the driver.

Mobile marketing includes this example of literally moving advertising in addition to marketing done via cell phone. If people are reading newspapers in print less and accessing their news online instead, mobile applications have the potential to lead the charge in providing information. Consumers may be avoiding the hassle of carrying around a newspaper, coupons or brochure when all the details can be easily stored in their phone (a staple when most people leave the house each day). Cue the power of QR codes as their sole purpose celebrates the ability to be mobile.

Would you be likely to check out this dance studio (or whatever is promoted in a mobile form)? Do you appreciate having advertising mixed in with your everyday life or would you prefer to simply enjoy your commute?

This post also appears on the JSH&A Public Relations blog, The Living Room.


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