Help the3six5 win a Webby Award

This year I’m contributing to the3six5 as an editor come September. [the3six5 compiles 365 stories from a different person each day throughout the year in an effort to create a snapshot of 2011.] This project has brought together a variety of individuals open to sharing their life and connecting the dots with 364 of their peers. 

Leading up to the second year of the project the founders did something they had never done before – they asked the community for donations for entry in the Webby Awards. And for good reason – each time I read a post I find myself meeting a new person, learning about a culture or finding out something about myself. And if you follow the comments, tweets and blog posts surrounding the project you can see I’m one of many who feels this way.

Turns out the3six5 is getting the recognition it deserves – it is now one of the five finalists in the Personal Blog/Website category!

Help the3six5 by registering on the Webby Awards website and vote by April 29.

Good news – you can still participate in the original project as well as the3six5 Chicago! Still looking for motivation? Here’s my favorite part of the project: complete strangers from across the world can be brought together through shared stories. Check out the last three posts of May 2010. Three people from three different states; yet I’m connecting the dots between shared conversations likes Memorial Day and dads. Whatever the story, everyone can relate to one of those topics. How will you make a connection?


One thought on “Help the3six5 win a Webby Award

  1. Daniel,Thanks for checking in, I’m happy to share. Congrats on a stellar project!Best,Stephanie

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