Keep the content coming this summer


With warm weather and sunshine, on top of the regular workload/everyday tasks, it’s difficult to keep up with blog posts. Who wants to stare at a computer screen when sun and fun are calling your name? I compiled a quick list of ways I plan to keep my blog updated and engaging throughout the summer months.

Take your writing to the beach – (or park, pool, baseball field, etc.) On a recent sunny Chicago weekend I wanted to get in a run by the lake in addition to a few blog posts. I packed up a small backpack with a notebook and pens (Important! Because the first one ran out of ink ; ) and started my run. After a break for stretching, I set up shop and cranked out two posts while enjoying the beautiful weather.

Look to summer topics for inspiration – I have an upcoming post in the works about flowers that bloomed in my parent’s front yard (and have been blooming since the 1940s). I’m not quite sure where I’m going with the post yet, but the story is too unique to pass up. Children catching fireflies, your favorite baseball team, a family BBQ… What will inspire you this summer?

Revisit past posts – As we enter wedding season, the guest post I shared on Jason Mollica’s blog is top of mind. A wedding is an outlet that consistently offers life lessons. Throughout the weddings I will be attending this summer, I wonder what new lessons will arise. Did you make predictions for 2011 that you can write a check in post about? How about a “then and now” post for any topics where your opinion has changed since you first posted?

Invite friends to guest blog – If time is not on your side look to others to provide the content. I even recommend looking outside your professional network and to your friends. I realized a friend from college was living the title of my blog, having just finished grad school. He wrote movie reviews for our college newspaper and is the type of person who can secure 30 comments on a Facebook status so I wanted to provide him an outlet to share his writing. I look forward to offering up this opportunity to anyone who’s interested (if that includes you, just say the word!)

How do you keep the content coming? I’m always looking for fresh ideas so please send ‘em my way!


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