Smitten by Friends

Smitten was the word I used to describe the way I felt after my reunion with my college roommates. With four different schedules we always intend to see each other, but that is far easier said than down. When one of our foursome said she’d be leaving us for a teaching opportunity in Kuwait we didn’t waste any time before plans were made.

While snacking on our favorite college food, we spent the evening talking about nights out, relationships and the infamous 111 E. Chalmers in Champaign, IL (the apartment we probably shouldn’t have spent two full years in). We joked about the day three of us would wear matching dresses in support of the fourth, discussed future travel plans and toasted our friendship up to this point.

My biggest takeaway from these girls? My friends keep me grounded. They’re the ones texting and calling me when I’ve been at the office too long. They teach me that although I’m a talker, sometimes the stories just need to be shorter. However, even after all these years (and countless stories) they’re always the first ones who will stop and listen.


Jess – The listener: I spent more time in her room than my own talking about my life. And most of those trips ended with me wearing an entire ensemble compiled from her closet.

Sarah – The adventurer: She sees things in photos professionals come up with and motivates me to seek opportunities outside of my comfortable bubble.

Katy – The free spirit: My girly tomboy who taught me to be bold and improves my confidence by reminding me, why be anyone else?

The post shared by Valerie Simon about her college roommate, Meg, demonstrates the strength these friendships hold. After learning of her friend’s cancer diagnosis, Valerie reached out to her social media network in hopes of securing a $2 donation from friends to offset medical costs. She chose $2 as it seemed she and her roommate could always find $2 to head out to a local bar during college. We were invited to raise a toast in support of #TeamMeg.

So here’s your reminder to call your college roommate, kindergarten best friend and anyone in between. Our relationships define us. What do yours say about you?


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