3 States in 3 Weeks

I’ve fallen off the grid as a result of three states in three weeks.


– South Carolina – Flocation

New Jersey – client media event complete with a hot air balloon ride and chocolate sampling

California – BlogHer ’11 Conference


One of the lines from our hot air balloon pilot has stuck with me. About 100 feet into the air he explained, “Everything in life is planned. Balloon rides are not.” (It’s very true because untethered rides take on a life of their own. In fact, I learned a crew tracks the balloon’s progress and will pack up the balloon wherever it lands, which in many cases could be your backyard!)


As a PR person this can cause your hands to shake. I had 25 media attendees arriving via helicopter throughout a morning and evening media activation – planning is what I do. However, this line is a great reminder for a person in any career. There are days you need to ignore the “To Do” list and just be present. Everything will find a way, of that I’m sure.


As crazy as the last weeks have been, it further confirms I’m rockin’ the right career. Riding in and watching the hot air balloon provided countless “pinch me” moments. Separately, so much of the work we do centers on the digital space so it was very rewarding to put faces to all the names of influencers I met during BlogHer.


Finally, back in action and working to keep up. What have I missed?



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