Our best to you Jason

After reading Jason Mollica’s announcement of being let go I knew there wasn’t a lot I could do for him, but I could still do something. There are many of us who look to Jason as a mentor and respected leader in the public relations industry, not to mention a friend.

What makes Jason’s reach unique is how he has met people and then grown his relationships. The majority of us connected with Jason through social media, but these relationships have grown well beyond 140 characters and blog comments. He is the first to offer advice, comment on blog posts and share a thought out #FF.

I wanted to write a blog post as Jason determines the next part of his journey. After brainstorming with Britten Wolf, we determined the primary goal was showing Jason he has our support. The enthusiasm I received from contributors was truly moving.

Our best to you Jason.

Jason Mollica is someone I truly admire. An active participant in the u30pro community, frequent contributor to PR Breakfast Club and chief blogger at One Guy’s Journey, Jason has taught me a lot about life, career and everything in between. He’s someone you can always count on him to be the first to retweet your blog posts, challenge your thinking or lend advice when needed. So, when I heard about his layoff, I was shocked. As a great communicator, professional and person, I know that this setback is a blessing in disguise. I’m confident that Jason will succeed in this next phase of his career. I’m happy to endorse and support him in his next endeavor.

Thanks for all you’ve done buddy, and good luck in the future!
–    Britten Wolf

There are two things that impress me about Jason and that are reflected in his work in the industry: his optimism and ethics. He is someone who embraces new challenges, analyzes the negative with a glass half full, and never loses integrity. This is rare in a person, but those rare qualities are what assure me that he will succeed in his future endeavors. But despite Jason’s amazing qualities, his taste in sports teams is still terrible. đŸ˜‰
–    Jackie Lampugnano

 I initially “met” Jason through the robust PR community on Twitter, a little over a year ago. He quickly became an amazing mentor and friend to me. He continues to thoroughly impress me day in and day out with his sharp PR insights, extensive social media expertise, and his outstanding communication skills. He is one of the nicest PR pros I’ve ever known. I don’t know how he does it, but he is always around to listen and give honest feedback whenever I need it. I would highly recommend Jason if you are in need of any PR or social media consulting. 
–    Jessica Malnik

I know Jason through Twitter. We connected on #u30pro and have been close ever since. Jason is someone I hope to be like in my career. Besides being smart and driven, he helps anyone and everyone he can. I’m truly blessed to call him a friend.
–    Kimberly Lucio

Jason Mollica is the type of PR professional that I strive to be – understanding, insightful and knowledgeable in numerous areas of the field. Not only is he a rockstar in a professional way, but Jason truly cares about the people around him, and in turn, shifts that mentality to his work. In the social space, he is always willing to lend a helping hand and is the first to volunteer when someone needs something. Jason is the type of person that is infectious, not only in his personality, but his thought leadership/smarts as well. Anyone would be lucky to have him at their company.
–    Lauren Fernandez

Jason has helped me as a student with career advice and resume advice. He especially helped me through a through personal difficulties and career transitions. He has always been extremely supportive. He also volunteered to talk to my PRSSA Chapter about the job hunt and social media. He helped students in my Chapter and even gave out his contact information so he could help them further. I thank him for everything he has done for me and my Chapter.
–    Lauren Gray

Jason has been one of my biggest cheerleaders over the past two years, as I’ve made the transition from student to PR professional. He has read, commented on and re-tweeted more of my blog posts than I can recall; he wrote me a letter of recommendation when I was vying for a local public relations award; he has sent me encouraging emails, tweets and facebook messages as I’ve sought to better myself and my young career — and he has masterfully embraced the role of a true mentor and friend, even though we’ve never personally met each other. Jason has proven time and time again that social media is powerful if the right people use it in the right way to genuinely connect with each other and form relationships. He is not just an intelligent PR/social media professional — he is someone you should know because of his strong character. I am a better person for knowing him.
–    Lauren Novo

Jason represents a collective community of people who encouraged and motivated me to be where I am today. He isn’t family. I haven’t known him since high school. We don’t go “way back”. And that’s the beauty of it. Jason and I stumbled across each other online a couple years ago, and ever since, have supported and encouraged one another toward greatness. Asking for nothing in return, Jason is inspiring in a selfless way that can’t help but have you pay it forward.

As Jason embarks into the next step of his life, you don’t need to worry about him. You don’t need to check in and see if he’s okay. He’ll be just fine. Doing what he does day in and day out. Making things happen. Because that, in a nutshell, is what Jason does. Cheers buddy!
–    Matt Cheuvront

I consider Jason Mollica to be a very good friend of mine. We connected on Twitter a couple of years ago, and have gotten to know each other pretty well in that time. He is a consummate professional with fresh ideas and perspectives that put his clients in the forefront of their audiences’ minds. Even more than that, he is an industry leader, always willing to provide time and effort to those who request it from him. I would recommend working with him to anyone because knowing him has been one of the greatest pleasures I’ve had during my time on Twitter.
–    Matt LaCasse

During blogging’s “Be My Guest” month, I sought a guest poster. I have a smallish blog without much circulation (compared to the BIG bloggers), but Jason jumped in without a moment’s hesitation and wrote a kick-butt guest post for me. A lot of his own words in that post are pertinent to this situation, such as:  “Stumped about what you can do, no matter how small, for others? Just listen. Maybe someone just needs a few moments to vent or ask your opinion. Sit down and just open your ears. It goes a long way… believe me.”
–    Paula Kriger

Jason and I have never met in person. Yet, he is always willing to offer advice and suggestions, as well as listen to me vent. Jason has great ideas and the experience to back them up. I can’t wait to see the great things he’ll do.
–    Rachel Esterline

From #PRStudChat to #HAPPO to #TweetDrive, it is easy to see Jason’s passion for social media and for using social media to build relationships and help others. He is quick to volunteer his time and talents to help others and his encouragement and positive attitude have had a great impact on many young PR professionals. It is not surprising to see the wave of support for Jason as he begins a new chapter in his career and I look forward to cheering him on as he takes the next step in his journey. 
–    Valerie Simon

I have a lot of respect for Jason as a comms professional and human being. If you read his blog posts or interact with him on Twitter, you know he has such a wonderfully balanced view of the world and is always able to find the positives in any situation. Even though we’ve never met ‘in the flesh’, I’m very proud to call Jason a friend…all the way from London.
–    Adam Vincenzini


Jason is eloquent, smart, and down to earth, and I’ve been so fortunate to know him for almost a year and a half now. Back in May of 2010, Jason wrote a guest post for my blog titled “The Patience Principle” in which he says “What I am telling you to do is take things one step at a time…sometimes what it takes to be patient is stepping back for a few minutes.” As a college grad 5 days before Jason wrote this post (and 4 days before I started my full time job), it hit home. My life was moving a mile a minute and I barely had time to breath, let alone be patient. Yet Jason’s timeless advice was exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right time. I know everyone in this space looks to Jason as a mentor and a good friend. I know we can all agree Twitter and social media would not be the same without Jason Mollica. I am so fortunate to know Jason and am ecstatic to see his next steps.
–    Sam Ogborn

I’ve got a TweetDeck group for people like Jason – It’s not for big talkers or “elite” social media personalities. It’s for people that know how to get stuff done, question the status quo, and want to learn through conversation that skips BS and meaningless buzz. Jason has an incredibly realistic outlook on his industry and I appreciate that he doesn’t get worked up about shiny objects. More than just conversation and sharing, Jason’s blog is an infinite source of wisdom on industry and life. When we’re looking for weekly top blog posts for the u30pro digest, One Guy’s Journey is the first place I look. Whether I find the right kind of life experience post for the digest or not, I get sucked in to all of the recent posts by Jason.
–    Scott Hale

I place a great deal of importance on first impressions – both when I meet people and in how I present myself during these meetings. I believe they are remembered and I know I can name my top first impressions. Jason falls in that category.

After connecting on Twitter he immediately sent me a direct message offering his help on anything. I was honestly taken aback… I felt like a nobody – why did I receive such a great message? That’s the person Jason is – he sees the person you can become. And I find myself following in his “pay it forward footsteps,” sharing DMs with new followers to see how I can help as well. Thanks for showing me the way, Jason.
–    Stephanie Florence

Every time I’ve needed help or had a question on anything related to social media, PR, jobs, or just life in general, Jason has always jumped at the chance to help me out. He’s shared so much valuable advice and information with me, which has made me a better professional. He is one of the most kind, helpful people I know, and I am so grateful and glad to call him a friend.
–    Stephanie Majercik

From #PRStudChat to #HAPPO to #TweetDrive, it is easy to see Jason’s passion for social media and for using social media to build relationships and help others. He is quick to volunteer his time and talents to help others and his encouragement and positive attitude have had a great impact on many young PR professionals. It is not surprising to see the wave of support for Jason as he begins a new chapter in his career and I look forward to cheering him on as he takes the next step in his journey.
–    Valerie Simon


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