the3six5 from an editor’s perspective


365 days – 365 points of view – 365 stories

As an editor for the3six5, I was tasked with managing 30 days of authors – ensuring they were on deck, reviewing their contributions and posting every day for the month of September.

During the first week I thought, ‘How have the past editors dealt with all the crazy???’ Time zones across the world and travel schedules played a part in a hectic start, but fortunately, the rest of the month flew by with ease. I can’t believe how quickly it went. By the end of September I had connected with authors in Melbourne, Sydney, Venezuela / London (my friend is quite the jet setter), Ghana, Nova Scotia and all over the U.S., including my best friend in sweet home Chicago who stepped in during Labor Day weekend.

I made connections with complete strangers. I learned from them by reading their stories and providing them with a platform to share their day. I helped to see the project through its 600th consecutive post and I’m excited to join as a repeat editor for this coming year.

Crowdsourcing truly is a remarkable concept. It brings together people who will likely never meet in person to accomplish a single goal. You can be a part of one of the largest crowdsourced projects – learn more here. And for my Chicago friends there are upcoming openings for the3six5 chicago.


One thought on “the3six5 from an editor’s perspective

  1. Kate – thanks for taking on the challenge of author!Daniel – I’m definitely in! Sent you an email with months, but I’m happy to help wherever needed!

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