Fallin’ in love… with this season


Meet my counterpart…. in tree form. Mama and Papa Flo planted each Kid Flo a tree when they joined the world. In case you were interested to see a 25 year old Flowering Dogwood, here she is.

Raking leaves when you live across the street from a forest preserve really couldn’t be easier. Just cart those leaves across the street. What does everyone else do? ; )

And that hill? That’s Devil’s Hill. I promise you during the childhood sledding incident of 1999 it was much steeper. Don’t let the inviting meadow at the bottom fool you.

Why fall in love with the season? Don’t worry about the weather getting cooler. Enjoy the colors instead.

When my sister lived in Irvine, CA she would drive down one nearby street for the sole reason of seeing the leaves change. It’s the little things we don’t notice how important they are… until they’re no longer right in front of us.


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