[Theater Thursdays]: Second City’s South Side of Heaven

[Editor’s note: As a performer growing up I am striving to expand my coverage of performances I enjoy. If you’re in Chicago and want to make a date for theater, dance, improv, the circus, dog shows, etc. I’m your girl. My goal is to educate on what I experience so if you’d like to see something added to my review format, speak up!]


Have you ever sat so close to the stage you felt like a part of the performance? That was the experience I had during my first outing to The Second City. These sketch and improv shows are a staple to Chicago and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to visit. After a cleverly-written and very well-executed show I am looking forward to round two.

Show: The Second City’s South Side of Heaven

Location: Chicago, IL

Companions: Best friends Lindsay and Laura for my birthday

Atmosphere: Seats are not assigned so line up a little early. Come ready to make new friends as tables and chairs definitely exude “the more the merrier” feel. Food and drinks are available and note you may be called out for purchasing the commemorative pint glass. My friends and I welcome the opportunity to be a tourist in our own city, which means I added the glass to my collection. 

Background: The Second City has ties dating back to 1959 with locations in Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. Over the years many stars have come up through the ranks moving onto shows like Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock and The Colbert Report, to name a few.

Overview: “South Side of Heaven is a thought-provoking, irreverent and hilarious new show from The Second City exploring the many fates that propel our world and universe. From the cultural divide between Cubs and White Sox fans to the delicate distinction between dancing and stripping, South Side of Heaven rejoices in the earthly and ethereal. A President, an outgoing Mayor and a creepy TSA agent are all just part of the natural flow of South Side of Heaven.“ 

The facts:
•    Open run
•    Cost: $22-32
•    Tip: The cast entertains with a bonus round of improv following the Saturday evening and Sunday performances. Enjoy the opportunity to see these professionals in their element!

Recommended? Definitely!


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