New year, new city, new job… new me?

Christmas came early friends – I’m packing my bags and heading to NEW YORK CITY!!! I am very excited to join the Edelman team where I will have the opportunity to contribute to great consumer accounts. 

To reach this point there are countless people I need to thank – for their advice, introductions and support throughout this entire process. Because I’ve been so fortunate in my pursuits I strive to pay it forward whenever I can. A series is in the works where I will share insights into the job hunt, from interview tips to taking on the challenge out-of-state. If you have specific questions please share those in the comments. 

First admission: The farthest I’ve been away from home is two hours south of Chicago for college. Learning a new city and coping with being away from my family and friends will be a challenge, but one I feel prepared to handle. 

Second admission: I’m the type of person who has become overwhelmed in the past due to change. However, a mentor once told me when a change is the right one for you there will be no doubts in your decision. I can say with full confidence, I left my doubts behind when I started proclaiming my dream to those close to me. That mentor’s explanation has been a guiding force throughout this process and it has confirmed that I’m finding the right path. 

Although there will be a lot of new in my life, I will still be the same girl – that “student always” who is forever in it to learn. You will still find me dancing, mentoring students and telling exceedingly long stories (some might call this my third admission). 

Overall, I’m on to a new adventure. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. 


2 thoughts on “New year, new city, new job… new me?

  1. Thanks so much Gabby! I am very excited for the next chapter and I appreciate you checking in : )

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