[Hustle & Flo] – Stand out

Welcome to Hustle & Flo – an ongoing series where I share insights into the job search. I hope to not only explain how I got where I am today, but provide actionable items to add to your To Do List. First item on the list – stand out.

When I began the out-of-state job hunt I knew I needed to do something to set me apart. I had the idea to create a video introduction and the fantastic Stephanie Wonderlin took my idea to a whole new level.

With her company 44Doors as host, my video was uploaded to a private microsite accessible via the QR code on my resume.

My competition could interview on their lunch break so I needed to make an introduction that would make me more than words on a resume. Throughout the interview process, many people commented on seeing very few, if any, QR codes as a resume addition.

Create your own at this site. Questions about the content? I provided my background, including associations to my all-girl high school and alma mater, because I’ve found education resonates during introductions. I told the viewer about my past experience and what I wanted to do: join him/her in New York. I admit the video is not flawless, but it definitely provides a sense of my personality.

Scan the code here:



One thought on “[Hustle & Flo] – Stand out

  1. Maggie,Thanks so much for checking in – I’m glad you are finding the info useful! I’m happy to chat with you about the search and starting a blog. We can brainstorm the best fit for you – it doesn’t have to be advertising-focused (although a great content generator). I know music has been your thing so consider taking time to write about shows you see, life lessons from songs, etc. Keep up that positivity, it’s honestly what got me here : ) Talk soon,Stephanie

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