Giving Thanks

I’ve been trying out this activity they call yoga. My friend, Jenny “I-Can-Do-Everything-Got-A-Problem?” Blake, teaches Geek Yoga to a room full of professionals looking for a way to de-stress from the week and take time for themselves.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never understood the popularity of yoga and even questioned attending – I’m not flexible, if I’m going to a class I would prefer dance where I understand its purpose and what’s with the crazy terms and chants? I’ve realized this activity comes with many misconceptions (you don’t have to be flexible, there is a purpose and the terms do have meanings, which I will learn, eventually).

Tonight was especially enlightening.

Before the class halfway point (I’m guessing here because I have no sense of time during class – it’s spectacular!) Jenny instructed the group to let go of anything we were holding onto. For the first time – in a long time – my mind raced from work to friendships to relationships, anything that typically causes stress. From one area to the next, I felt frantic because I couldn’t find anything that I needed to let go of. That is a powerful feeling.

As the class came to a close, and we bowed our heads in gratitude, Jenny posed the question, “What are you thankful for?” This time I had plenty to consider. My mind filled with good thoughts of moving to New York, thriving in this city, making new friends while maintaining great contact with the ones in Chicago.

It felt like I was bursting with countless reasons for which to be thankful and the one that felt strongest was being in that studio. I was joined by a group of people I’ve only just met, but the energy among them is so great. It’s the kind of group where you may not yet know each member well (and the members constantly rotate), but you look forward to being a part of the experience that brings them all together. 

After class the yoga crew headed out together (detox, then retox) while I just needed some time alone to put these thoughts into perspective. (And I think we’ve found yet another definition for Geek Yoga – instead of hanging out with people I felt inspired to go home and write about them.)

So I ask you: why are you giving thanks this week?


One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. You are the jam Nicky, I am IN next week. Glad we are on the same page – after only 4 classes (5 total in my life) I find myself looking forward to Thursday evenings all week, something I never imagined.

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