I could be on a billboard in NYC

Every day I ask myself if New York can get any better. After my wallet and phone were stolen three weeks into the big move it was obvious things could only take a turn for the positive, but I had no idea everything would be this good – from work to my neighborhood to the fantastic people I’m meeting. Add this weekend’s photo shoot to the list of why a NY move was a stellar decision:

The Badoo Project
is a quest to help New Yorkers say a very personal ‘Hello’ to their city. It kicked off with a 3 day photoshootathon, where 4 hot photographers undertook the ambitious task of capturing 1000 portraits of New Yorkers.

Based on personality, energy and individuality, a final 24 will then get the chance to say ‘hello’ to the city. Every billboard, banner and media across New York will star one of their faces.

Shameless plug… why not “go with the flo” and like my photo here?


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