Making Their Mark: Richard Boehmcke

Thanks to the wonderful world of social media my network of idols, supporters and friends has grown exponentially. I’m constantly meeting new people in NYC everywhere from yoga classes to photo shoots. And lately, it seems the rock stars around me are launching companies, books and nationwide service trips.

Basically I get to regularly witness people kicking butt and taking names, which leads me to Making Their Mark – an opportunity to highlight some of the spectacular-ness.

[Editor’s Note: The concept for this series came to me as I walked through the Seaport and a crowd was cheering “Richie! Richie!” Richard, they were cheering you on!!]

I met Richard Boehmcke at the 20 Something Blogger Conference last August and he promised me by sharing his business card that granted one free drink once I made the move to New York. He was energetic, welcoming and had quite a bit to say. So naturally, we were pals from the start and I am awed by his long list of accomplishments.

The latest addition is the second episode of his scripted web series – called Twentease – about not really making it in your 20s in New York City. Just a taste of what the episodes offer:

But that’s the thing about this city. There’s a million choices you can make, a million options, a million decisions that can take you in a million directions. But sometimes the easiest choices are the ones that you already made. Even if making them again isn’t necessarily the best idea.

Richard shared his latest project with a group calling us “makers” – what will you make today?



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