[Theater Thursdays]: Carrying the Banner of Social Media

One musical is rocking the social media space. Newsies is the story of a rag tag group of newsboys in New York City at the turn of the century. While fighting for a better life against the publishing giants Pulitzer and Hearst, this crew finds strength and friendship in unexpected ways.

Since my move to NYC was set I knew Newsies would be at the top of my list of must-see musicals. Growing up in theater means you watched and easily memorized the Newsies movie. And when they announced it was heading to Broadway, everyone made sure I was in the know.

Between my excitement surrounding Newsies and my passion for social media I quickly realized the Newsies online brand is one to follow, and here’s just a few reasons why:

Behind-the-scenes: Members of the cast take you behind-the-scenes with exclusive content for their followers. From backstage rituals and national morning show appearances to the experiencing the Tony Award nominations, Newsies is constantly pouring out stellar content to maintain fan interest. The opening night curtain call I caught via Facebook (above) was exciting by itself – I can only imagine what the full show will bring.

Fan engagement: In interviews and social media posts, the cast refers to their fans as “fansies,” a unique way to personalize the connections with their fans. The brand leverages YouTube to introduce members of the cast. My friend and I have received immediate replies via Twitter from @Newsies and if you watch the stream the handle is constantly connecting with their followers.

A show that boasts 14 Broadway debuts is remarkable. After all the following along I cannot wait for Sunday’s performance!


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