Making Their Mark: Julie Clow

Time for makers, round three. Catch up on writer-director-actor-rockstar Rich here and the Summer to Serve DanceStoski’s here. 

Julie Clow is an author, accomplished professional and total yogi (you should see her moves in class!). Within the first few weeks of knowing Julie I attended her book launch party and was inspired by her road to writing the book. I also attended a 40:20 Vision networking roundtable where a comment Julie made has stuck with me during my first months in NYC: “Failure = fuel and the catalyst for doing something great.” 

Julie’s recently published book, The Work Revolution, is full of insights about our day jobs, our attitudes towards them and what we can do in the future. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Naturally I gravitated towards the psychology term “flow”. Julie explains how easy work becomes when you love what you do. You see a purpose in the work and gain satisfaction from the final product. 

Why we need to say “no” at times and how we can say it to ensure it is not negatively received. 

How a grassroots-style initiative can work: “start small, launch quickly to see if it works, and then build on success.” 

Take note on the GenY mentality – Julie advises “we all need to become more entitled. We need to insist on a work life that is fulfilling and fun.” 

The examples. From companies you’ve heard mainly great things about (i.e. Google, Zappos) to Julie’s personal stories of surfing and dress code, the examples make The Work Revolution relatable and demonstrates Julie’s stellar storytelling ability. 

Learn how you can join the revolution at and pick up a copy from Amazon




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